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Factura - Online Billing and Invoicing System

Factura, online invoicing software assists a firm in creating an invoice for products or services given to customers for collection. Each invoice is composed of a list of various products or services, their related pricing, and the total amount due from the client. The software generates an invoice that can be emailed, mailed, or given in any other way to your customers.

A business may keep track of cash flow more effectively, offer clients different payment choices, process payments faster, and even personalize invoices by using online invoicing software.

  • Factura will allow you to maintain your own customer database. You can create unlimited customers in Factura. Statements and detail statements are categorized by customers.
  • You can create unlimited quotations and send to your customer. Easily convert created quotation to invoice with one click.
  • Factura provide public viewable URL for your customer to view your created quotation online and it is available 24/7.
  • As similar to quotation, Factura provides public viewable URL for created invoices for your customer to preview 24/7 online.
  • With Factura, you can create invoices on-the-go without needing any specific device.
  • Factura allows you to create unlimited invoices and those are auto tracking.
  • You can generate statements categorized by customers and easy for credit management.
  • Factura allows you to generate ageing report, too.
  • Receivable statements are also ready for printing in Factura.