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Factura – Online Invoicing System



Factura – Online Billing and Invoicing System

Factura, online invoicing software assists a firm in creating an invoice for products or services given to customers for collection. Each invoice is composed of a list of various products or services, their related pricing, and the total amount due from the client. The software generates an invoice that can be emailed, mailed, or given in any other way to your customers.

A business may keep track of cash flow more effectively, offer clients different payment choices, process payments faster, and even personalize invoices by using online invoicing software.

  • Factura will allow you to maintain your own customer database. You can create unlimited customers in Factura. Statements and detail statements are categorized by customers.
  • You can create unlimited quotations and send to your customer. Easily convert created quotation to invoice with one click.
  • Factura provide public viewable URL for your customer to view your created quotation online and it is available 24/7.
  • As similar to quotation, Factura provides public viewable URL for created invoices for your customer to preview 24/7 online.
  • With Factura, you can create invoices on-the-go without needing any specific device.
  • Factura allows you to create unlimited invoices and those are auto tracking.
  • You can generate statements categorized by customers and easy for credit management.
  • Factura allows you to generate ageing report, too.
  • Receivable statements are also ready for printing in Factura.

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QRBox 360 – QR Code Generator



QRBox 360 – QR Code Generator

A QR code (short for quick response code) is a two-dimensional barcode consisting of black and white squares.

When a common scanner (such as a smartphone camera) scans the code, the raw data is interpreted as a link to an internet page or a mobile web page.

When a customer scans a QR code, such as the ones found on packages, you can quickly collect data about them. It’s valuable information because the QR code carries information about the QR code creator.

QRBox 360 assists you in creating your own QR code from the ground up. You may create QR codes for a variety of channels on our website, including email, phone calls, SMS, and more. It’s not difficult to make a QR code that you’ll like.

Moreover, QRBox 360 allows you to generate dynamic QR codes for effective marketing and lead generation. QRBox 360 helps offline materials connect to the digital world.

QR Box 360 will allow you to:

  • Connect your offline materials with digital world
  • Create campaign for your promotion materials
  • Collect data for your campaigns
  • Analyze your campaigns
  • Keep your tracking available 24/7

Three steps to create Offline to Online

1. Choose item to connect

2. Generate QR Code

3. Create marketing content such as

  • Coupon
  • Event Registration
  • Customer Registration
  • Online Survey
  • Or One Page Profile Content for Company Profile/Product Info.

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Next – Cloud Signage Solution

Digital signage (also known as electronic signage) refers to the use of display technologies such as LED walls (or video walls), projection, LCD monitors, and LED TVs to clearly show webpages, films, directions, restaurant menus, marketing messages, and digital photos.

Messaging, marketing, and outdoor advertising are all provided via digital signage in a variety of venues, including public areas, museums, athletic arenas, churches, academic buildings, retail stores, corporate facilities, and restaurants.

To improve customer service, promotions, and brand awareness, digital signage can be used to display public information, communicate internally, or provide product information. It’s an effective technique to influence customer behaviour and decision-making while also improving customer experiences with interactive screens.

Promotions for products, services, events, and discounts can all be displayed on digital signage displays. Advertisers can utilize digital signage content such as static ads, product demos, or video testimonials because multimedia screens use video and animation in addition to scrolling images. One of the most popular areas to find digital signage is in retail environments.

While fixed displays and paper menus are still widespread, businesses can use digital displays to creatively list their service offers. Restaurants, salons, spas, car repair businesses, and fitness studios can use digital signage to display rotating content and information on walls, windows, or a bright led display. provides hardware independent solution which will help clear your headache to find the suitable hardware such as finding TV for your signage. With, you can use your old TV with our solution to convert to Sigange TV.

Convert your TV to digital signage with DigiSigns as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 – Upload

Upload content with our CMS

Step 2 – Prepare Playlist

Arrange uploaded contents and set schedule for contents.

Step 3 – Push Playlist to Screen(s)

Assign playlist to screen or screens.

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V-Appointment – Online Appointment Solution



1. Calendar and Agenda

V-Appointment – Web-based appointment scheduling software

You rely on appointments to generate revenue. However, if your team is still scheduling appointments over the phone, your company is losing money.

Scheduling, rescheduling, and confirming appointments take up hours of your receptionist’s day, time that may be better spent serving clients.

Your customers can self-book, cancel, and reschedule appointments using appointment booking software with V-appointment, online appointment solution.

Employee scheduling and appointment management are combined in V-appointment, online appointment solution. V-appiontment can deliver automated appointment reminders to reduce no-shows in addition to managing appointments and personnel availability.

Using a single central scheduling solution helps reduce double reservations and streamline processes. Your receptionist will have more time to serve clients and provide a great experience now that they have more hours back in their day.

We provide self-hosted online appointment scheduling software for massage salons, yoga studios, hair salons, photographers, tennis courts, personal tutors, spas, beauty services and other businesses that need to manage and schedule appointments with their customers.

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1. Calendar and Agenda

2. Customer Records

3. Self-Service Online Scheduling

4. Manage Payments

5. Confirmations and Reminders

6. Completely Configurable

V-Host – Vtiger CRM Hosting



V-Host – Vtiger CRM Hosting

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software solution that allows business owners to keep track of all interactions and develop connections with leads and clients. A CRM replaces the spreadsheets, databases, and apps that many firms use to keep track of customer information. As the result, improved organization, efficiency, time management, and client satisfaction.

Client management solutions, such as CRMs, bring together all your sales leads and customers’ information in one location. Each lead and client’s communications (form fills, phone calls, emails, text messages, and meetings), documents, quotations, purchases, and activities are consolidated in a CRM. Your entire team has access to those details at the correct time–whether it’s to close a deal or provide excellent services.

Vtiger CRM deliver seamless customer experience across marketing, sales, and customer service with the CRM software that grows with your business.

We are providing vtiger CRM hosting for your firm and release your headache of server maintenance, software upgrade and security mangement. Click the contact us below to drop an email to us with the following information:

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Key features:

  • One view
  • Easy to use
  • AI-guided selling
  • Built on Open-core
  • Customizable
  • Low-code & No-code platform

Cloud Hosted IT Asset Management



Cloud Based IT Asset Management

Easily view which assets have been assigned, to whom they have been assigned, and where they are physically located. With a single click, you can return them to inventory, or click through to discover the asset’s whole history. It’s simple to see what assets are currently deployed, pending (new software installs, out for repair), ready to deploy, or archived (lost/stolen, or broken).

With licenses, you receive the same rapid access. We’re working on making this even better by allowing you to intelligently manage multi-pack licenses. Enable email alerts to receive notifications when your licenses are about to expire.

Users and admins will receive stunning built-in email notifications.

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