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QRBox 360 - QR Code Generator

A QR code (short for quick response code) is a two-dimensional barcode consisting of black and white squares.

When a common scanner (such as a smartphone camera) scans the code, the raw data is interpreted as a link to an internet page or a mobile web page.

When a customer scans a QR code, such as the ones found on packages, you can quickly collect data about them. It’s valuable information because the QR code carries information about the QR code creator.

QRBox 360 assists you in creating your own QR code from the ground up. You may create QR codes for a variety of channels on our website, including email, phone calls, SMS, and more. It’s not difficult to make a QR code that you’ll like.

Moreover, QRBox 360 allows you to generate dynamic QR codes for effective marketing and lead generation. QRBox 360 helps offline materials connect to the digital world.

QR Box 360 will allow you to:

  • Connect your offline materials with digital world
  • Create campaign for your promotion materials
  • Collect data for your campaigns
  • Analyze your campaigns
  • Keep your tracking available 24/7

Three steps to create Offline to Online

1. Choose item to connect

2. Generate QR Code

3. Create marketing content such as

  • Coupon
  • Event Registration
  • Customer Registration
  • Online Survey
  • Or One Page Profile Content for Company Profile/Product Info.